The Bug Zapper


The Bug Zapper is an original superhero comic for kids, inspired by my experience teaching cartooning. The Bug Zapper and his enemies were characters I created to spur my students to think of their own superhero/villain combinations and stories.

Since then, I've developed the world of the Bug Zapper into an ongoing comic. Available as print or ebook, with extra animated scenes. Reviews: School Library Journal Good Comics for Kids, Mom Read It.

And don't miss the Bug Zapper's first animated short, "The Birthday Bug!" Official selection of the San Diego Comic Con Independent Film Festival 2016, Superhero Short Film Festival, Superman Celebration Film Festival, and Brooklyn's kidsfilmfest.

  1. Official site: bugzappercomics.com (with printable minicomics and activities!)
  2. Tumblr: bugzappercomics.tumblr.com
  3. Facebook page


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