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The Bug Zapper is a hit with kids and grown-ups.


The Bug Zapper - Book 1
The Bug Zapper zaps villainous bugs in his suburban neighborhood, a town where it’s actually quite normal for supervillains to live next door.

This book collects the first four digital comics.

Available in print from,,, Powells, and more. Also available for Kindle.

Distributed by Ingram, ISBN-13: 978-0985841645


The Bug Zapper - Book 2: The Ant Arrives!

Book 2: The Ant Arrives!
Has the Black Ant gone legit? The former bug villain, now going by Mr. Ant, claims to have become an upstanding member of the community. But the actions of a new bug robot make the Bug Zapper think otherwise. Has Mr. Ant truly mended his ways, or is he hiding something sinister? This book collects the second four stories of the series.

Now available on,, Barnes and Noble, Powells, and more!

Distributed by Ingram, ISBN-13: 978-0985841652 


The Bug Zapper - Book 3: The Hidden City

Book 3: The Hidden City
The third book in the Bug Zapper series. When all of the bug villains in town disappear, the Bug Zapper goes on a mission to find them. But in order to succeed, he may have to become more bug-like himself.

Now available on,, Barnes and Noble, and more.

Distributed by Ingram, ISBN-13: 978-0985841669 


Bug Zapper comics shop

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"Quirky and fun and light and humorous."
Esther Keller, School Library Journal's Good Comics For Kids

"It's a good series for younger graphic novel readers - Kindergarten through third grade - that features a fun superhero and supervillains that are more goofy than terrible."
Rosemary Kiladitis, Mom Read It.

"What a fun book! 'Bug Zapper' - a super hero with character. This is the kind of 'comic' I would feel comfortable sharing with any child in our library. Nicely done!"


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