The Bug Zapper appears in his first animated short, The Birthday Bug! Official selection of the 2016 San Diego Comic Con Independent Film Fest, Superhero Short Film Fest, Superman Celebration Film Festival, and Brooklyn’s kidsfilmfest.

Read aloud and take a crack at your best Mean Mosquito voice.

There’s also a narrated version here.

360/VR Cartoon

Trouble on the ski slopes for the Bug Zapper! This is a 360 video; click and drag on the screen to change the view.

Bonus Scenes

Read the comics, then check out these animated bonus scenes.

Watch to see what happens between Story #1 & #2.


The bonus scene for Bug Zapper Comics Story #2! This extra scene shows more of the action between Bug Zapper and the bad guys. This happens between pages 32 and 33 in the book (or here in the webcomic).


Extra scene at the end of Bug Zapper Story #3!


See what Mean Mosquito does after story #4!